Georgia Homebuyers With Higher Credit Scores Save Money on Home Mortgages

There are many advantages to maintaining an excellent credit history, including some unexpected ones. Applicants with high credit scores, for example, often receive lower auto insurance rates and are usually able to open new utility accounts without a deposit. When it comes to home mortgages, though, the main reason to maintain an excellent credit score is to save money. Across the state of Georgia and the rest of the country, a borrower with an excellent credit score can usually obtain a home mortgage with an interest rate at least a half point lower than a borrower with a lower credit score, saving over $700 per year on a typical home mortgage. Borrowers interested in improving their credit scores before applying for a home mortgage loan should review their credit reports for inaccurate information, make all their credit card and installment loan payments on time, clear up any collection accounts, and keep their credit card balances at less than 30 percent of their credit line, even if paying an account in full each month. For more tips on improving credit scores, visit the FAQ page at

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