How Do I Apply for a Mortgage Loan with Peachtree Mortgage Services, Inc?   


1Contact Peachtree Mortgage Services,Inc. by phone at 770.481.0052 or by email at, and request a

     Loan Estimate.

For a purchase quote, we'll need to know the approximate sales price of your new home, the approximate down payment, and the type of new Georgia home mortgage loan (i.e. 30 year, 15 year, etc.) that you would like quoted.

For a refinance quote, we'll need to know the approximate value of the property, the approximate loan amount, and the type of Georgia home mortgage loan (i.e. 30 year mortgage, 20 year mortgage, 15 year mortgage, etc.) that you would like quoted.

Once you have reviewed the Loan Estimate and have decided to move forward, go to our website,, and click on the APPLY NOW tab at the top of the homepage.  A list of instructions to quickly and easily complete your home mortgage loan application online follows.


 If there are sections you do not understand, email the Atlanta Mortgage Help Desk at Peachtree Mortgage Services, Inc. for assistance, or call us at 770.481.0052.

Gather the following documentation that we will need for your mortgage application:

       a.  Paystubs covering the past (30) days for each borrower.

       b.  W-2s covering the past two (2) years for each borrower.

       c.  If you are self employed, we will need complete tax returns, including all schedules, covering the past two (2) years.

       d.  Bank statements (i.e. checking, savings, 401K, money market, etc.) covering the past three months for each borrower.

       e.  Two (2) forms of identification, including a government issued ID such as a driver's license or passport, for each borrower.  If you are NOT a US citizen,

             we will need a copy of your visa or green card.

        f.  If you are purchasing a new home, we will need a copy of your sales contract.

Depending upon your particular situation, additional information and/or verifications (rental agreements, bankruptcy papers, divorce decree, etc.) may be required in order to obtain approval of your Georgia mortgage loan application. 

Once the home mortgage loan application and supporting documentation have been received by Peachtree Mortgage Services, we will start the mortgage loan approval process immediately.

During this process, we will verify your credit history, employment history, assets, and the value of your property.

To improve chances of mortgage loan approval:

 1.  Fill out the mortgage loan application package as completely as possible.

2.  Respond promptly to any requests for additional documents.

3.  Do not make any major purchases (ie. furniture, car, etc.) that might cause your debt load to increase.

4.  Notify your mortgage loan officer at Peachtree Mortgage Services, Inc. before applying for any other credit, inlcuding credit cards, personal loans, etc.  Many loan programs have strict guidelines regarding your credit score, and credit inquiries may lower your credit score and have an adverse affect on your mortgage loan approval.

 Don't worry-- whether you've bought and refinanced many homes in the past or are beginning the home mortgage application process for the very first time, we'll help you through every step of the process!   

Call us at 770.481.0052 or email us at, and let's get started on your Georgia Home Mortgage!

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